WILKES VOCATIONAL SERVICES Once Again Receives a 3-Year CARF Accreditation.
(Which by the way is the best CARF accreditation you can receive)

If you are not familar with CARF, here is a link that will get you a brief summary of what being CARF accredited means.


For more information, please visit the CARF website at: CARF

To sum it up, what being CARF accredited means is that a consumer looking for services can confidently choose Wilkes Vocational Services to provide those services with confidence that Wilkes Vocational Services is providing the service(s) at the highest levels of quality. It also means that we are using best practices and the latest proven techniques to provide the services. It means that we are accountable to our consumers, the families of our consumers, the fellow agencies we work with and our funding agencies. It means that we use very sound business practices. To put it in very few words, it means "We are doing what we are suppose to be doing and we are doing it the way we are suppose to be doing it" !

If you would like to read the official letter of accreditation, click here:

Congratulations to all the staff and consumers, not only is it an every day effort to maintain these levels of accreditation, it requires a tremendous effort during the accreditation process.