How Do We Do ???
During the calendar year 2011, here is what we did. Each graph is measured in units and a unit is a 15 minute timespan. To convert any of the numbers to hours, just divide the number by 4. Click on each link below to see the graph for each service.

ADVP - Adult Developmental Vocational Program:
Supported Employment - Long Term Followup:
Community Group:
CAP - Personal Care:
CAP - Respite:
CAP - Day Supports:
One thing that we are very proud of is our financial performance over the past several years. Over the past six years, we have had continual financial growth and we have greatly increased the number of consumers that we serve each day. Not only has our income increased each of the following six years. Not only has our income increased, but we have been able to increase our employee base as well. Our wages have also increased each of these years as well. That makes us one of the few companies in Wilkes that is actually hired employees over the recent years. All over the country, companies are laying off, downsizing which hurts our economy. We have been extremely blessed to be able to do the opposite !

We are always looking for input on how we can improve. Of course, if you think we are doing a good job, we would like for you to tell us this also. Feel free to send us your comments at anytime:

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