Wilkes Vocational Services is requesting proposals from companies and/or individuals to provide a sales service for various items on an on-going basis. The sales service will need to be an auction service.

Please submit in writing your proposal to:
Wilkes Vocational Services, Inc.
ATTN: David McGrady (RFP)
501 Elkin Hwy
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

On the outside of the envelope, in the address, the letters (RFP) must be in the address like above.

All proposals must be received by Wilkes Vocational Services, Inc. on or before Noon on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011.

Wilkes Vocational Services will provide the items to sell and be responsible for transporting the items to and from the sales location. Wilkes Vocational Services will provide one person to handle the product at the sales site and during the sale event.

The sales/auction service will provide the following:

1) A sales facility consisting of indoor and outdoor sales floor. The indoor sales floot must be able to seat 100+ customers and have the space available to display items that are for sale. The Outdoor sales floor will have at a minimum of .2 acres of sales floor, of which 10% must be sheltered. The sales facility must be in city limits of Wilkesboro, NC or North Wilkesboro, NC. Also, the sales facility must be in a good strategic location to attact a solid customer base.

2) The sales service must provide record keeping for all sales. Provide examples and/or descriptions of reporting capabilities.

3) The sales service must have the capability to accept all various forms of payment including cash, check, credit cards & debit cards. The sales service will be responsible for handling all customer intereactions as far as payment for purchases made. The sales service will pay Wilkes Vocational Service for all sales within 24 hours of the end of the sales event.

4) The sales service will assume all liability for the sales event. The sales service will provide Wilkes Vocational Services proof of insurance for a minimum of 1 million dollars of liability insurance for their company.

5) The sales service will provide all labor required to conduct the sales event. At a minimum this will be an auctioneer, 2 clerks and sales floor staff. The auctioneer must be a licensed auctioneer. Please provide all certifications and associations.

6) The sales service must provide on-line - e-commerce services as alternative methods of selling items for Wilkes Vocational Services. The auction service will be responsible for all fees and charges associated with the on-line / e-commerce sales. An example would be EBAY. Wilkes Vocational Services may request that the sales service sell certain items on EBAY or some other on-line/e-commerce website.

7) The sales service will provide food and non-alcholic beverage services at all sales events. At various sales events and as determined by Wilkes Vocational Services, Wilkes Vocational Services may manage and run these events. All food vendors must be registered an permitted by Wilkes County (or the county the sales event occurs) and the state of NC as required by law.

8) The sales service should have the capabilities of executing and promoting sales events in towns and/or counties other than locally in Wilkes County. In the proposal, please provide information on capabilities to hold events outside Wilkes County.

11) The sales service must provide advertising for all sales events. In your proposal, please provide a detailed description of what advertising you will provide for each event.

12) All contracts and or agreements with other individuals and/or companies that are used by the sales service to conduct the sale eents will be the sole responsibility of the sales service. This does not apply to contracts or agreements that are initiated or negotiated by Wilkes Vocational Services. An example may be if the sales service contracts with an individual or company to provide food services at one or more of the sales events. This contract would be the sole responsibility of the sales service. An example of a contract that would be managed by Wilkes Vocational Services would be a contract with a transportation company to provide transportation of the goods to be sold to and from the auction site.

It is not a requirement, but having the ability to deliver items for customers is a definite advantage. If you can provide this service, please put this in your proposal.

The proposal must contain what the sales service will charge Wilkes Vocational Services for the services that are defined in the proposal. The charges can be presented as a fixed amount or as a percentage of sales.

Wilkes Vocational Services, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all proposals at their discretion. Wilkes Vocational Services also reserves the right to change, delete or add any additional requirements to this request for proposal at any time without providing any notice to anyone. These change, deletions or additions will be identified on this web page only.

If you have additional questions, please email all questions to dmcgrady@wilkesvocationalservices.org . Put in the subject line: "RFP Sales Service INQUIRY". Only emails with this subject will be read and responded to.