ADVP is our acronym for Adult Developmental Vocational Program

In our ADVP program you come to our facility each day or selected days if you prefer. You can attend class, work on projects (and get paid for working on the project) and meet with your friends. Our hours for ADVP are 8:00am - 4:00pm each weekday. Some of our programs and services require you to be on Medicaid to participate, but ADVP does not require Medicaid.

Once in our ADVP program, there are many activities that you may participate in. On Monday, we have a shopping trip (weather permitting), on Tuesday & Thursday we spend the afternoon at Wilkes Aquatics. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday are scheduled for every week, but occasionally we will make modifications to the schedule to allow for other activities. We have an activities room. The activities room is equipped with a pool table, air hockey, ping pong, TV (limited TV viewing is available), computers and a Playstation II. We will have educational outings throughout the year - no set schedule. This really is a great program to participate in and work on your independant living skills.

If you would like more information, give us a call 336-838-3812 and ask for Johnnie. Johnnie Everidge is our Program Director over our Enhancement Services.